Here you can read the mandatory equipment needed to compete in YACS 2018

Mandatory equipment for Fighter distance

Updated 16/6-2018

  1. Bike, preferably MTB – 1 for each competitor.
  2. Helmet – mandatory when you are on your bike.
  3. Running shoes preferably trail shoes – 1 pair for each competitor.
  4. Backpack for water and food – it is allowed to share one or two backpacks on the team.
  5. Pen for writing. Suitable for all surfaces
  6. Waterproofing for the maps.
  7. First Aid
  8. Bike repair kit (tube, pump, multitool)

Mandatory equipment for Challenge distance

Updated 16/6-2018

Mandatory personal equipment

  1. MTB
  2. Helmet
  3. Running shoes
  4. Life vest (for swimming)

Mandatory team equipment

  1. Dryback min 20L or air mattress (shall be filled with air before entering the water. At one stage you will have to swim with your bike)
  2. Inlines for one team member (safety equipment. Helmet is mandatory!!)
  3. Backpack for water and food – it is allowed to share one or two backpacks on the team.
  4. Pen for writing. Suitable for all surfaces.
  5. Waterproofing for the maps.
  6. First Aid
  7. Bike repair kit (tube, pump, multitool)

Equipment list for Master teams at Yeti Adventure Challenge Silkeborg 2018

Updated 16. june 2018
There will be both single discipline and multi discipline stages.
One of the multi discipline stages will be running-inlines-swimming, so you should prepared to swim with your inlines equipment.

During the whole race all the teams must have the following general team mandatory equipment:

  1. First aid kit in sealed package.
    It includes:
    – Bandage of 6 cm width and 2 meters long – 2 pcs.
    – Plaster of min 3 cm width.
    – Anaesthetic (like paracetamol and others).
    – Anti-inflammatory (like ibuprofen and others).
    – Antiseptic bandage and cotton wool – 1 pcs.
  2. Knife
  3. Mobile phone fully charged in sealed package
  4. Compas
  5. GPS tracker (provided by the Race organizers)
  6. SportIdent card for punching CPs (provided by the Race organizers)
  7. Course information and maps (provided by the Race organizers)
  8. Pen for writing. Suitable for all surfaces.

During the whole race all team’s members must have the following personal mandatory equipment:

  1. Whistle
  2. Red and white light
  3. Race bib (provided by the Race organizers)
  4. Survival blanket

Personal mandatory equipment for mountain bike stage:

  1. Mountain bike
  2. Helmet
  3. Team’s number (provided by the Race organizers) must be fixed at the front of the bike
  4. Red and white light during night time. Headlamp counts as white light.
  5. Repair kit

Participants must obey traffic regulations.
It’s mandatory to use helmet during the whole MTB stage.

Team mandatory equipment for paddling stages:

  1. 2 two-seat kayaks or 2 canoes. (provided by the Race organizers)
  2. Paddles – it is allowed to bring your own. Kayak paddles is NOT allowed on canoe stages. 

Personal mandatory equipment for paddling stage:

  1. Life vest (PFD)
  2. Whistle
  3. Glow stick attached on vest or head. Must glow during dark hours.

Personal mandatory equipment for ropes sections:
You climbing gear is going to be used for ascending, rapelling and climbing.

  1. Harness
  2. 2 lanyards – 120 cm
  3. Carabiners 3 pcs. – auto lock or screw lock
  4. Descender device – e.g. atc or figure-8
  5. Ascending devices – 2 devices of either croll, basic, ascension needed. Single device is not allowed. 

Personal mandatory equipment for swimming stage:

  1. Life vest

Personal mandatory equipment for inlines stage:

  1. Inline skates or rollerskis of any model.
  2. Helmet.
  3. Red and white light during night time

Forbidden equipment

  1. GPS-navigation equipment
  2. Motorized vehicles
  3. Maps not provided by the race organization

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