Rules of Engagement

Please note: This Rulebook is preliminary and will be updated regularly

  • A team consists of 3 (Fighter & Challenge) or 4 (EURO SERIES) athletes
  • All distances include separate Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Competitions.
  • Participating teams must complete the race without external help and stay close together the entire distance. If a participant forfeits during the race, the 2 remaining team members may continue to race, outside the competition. In this case, YACS management must be informed.
  • All team-memers must sign an Exemption of Liability, which must be handed in during check-in before the race.
  • Participants under the age of 18 must bring a declaration from parents or legal guardian, approving their participation.
  • Participants should be familiar with the DARU standard rules.
  • Race Bibs are issued by check-in and must be worn visibly throughout the race by all participants
  • During MTB and bike’n’run section, bike helmets must be worn. Approved bike lights must be worn when racing in the dark
  • During inliner-sections, reflective vests and helmets must be worn. Front and rear lights must be worn in the dark.
  • Swim vests must be worn on all swim sections
  • Swim vests or life jackets are handed out for canoeing, kayaking, rafting or similar water events and must be worn during these.
  • Participants must follow the directions of race officials at any time
  • In the Transition Areas, race officials will decide the order of the sections for each individual team to avoid queueing. Waiting times exceeding 5 mins are registered.
  • EMIT units are handed out by officials for the sections where they are required for checkpoints. If the unit is lost or damaged, a 450 DKK fee is charged to the team.

In addition to this, YACS if regulated by the DARU standard rules.

No later than one week before the race, all participants will receive the final rulebook and equipment requirements.

A thorough oral brief is conducted 15 mins before each start

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