A great challenge for the adventurous teams

For teams with some experience

Part 1

The prologue goes further than the last few years, so the teams can get a little farther around. Here the tactical element comes to play a role. A special assignment has to be done before the teams leave into nature.

Part 2

This year we have had the opportunity to make an A-B race, understood that when you start second part, there will be no loops, but the route continues until you are at the finish line. There will be some TAs along the way, here you will be given what you need at the next stage. Which also means that when you leave Papirfabrikken, you will not get back before the team runs into the finish line.

So what you need along the way, you have to bring along. We have been allowed to use nature in a different way this year, which has opened up some different disciplinary compositions. Therefore, you can look forward to some exciting, fun, challenging and different courses to this year’s Yeti ACS.


7-12 hours


  • Prologue
  • Special tasks
  • MTB-Orienteering
  • Canoe
  • Hike ‘n bike
  • Bike ‘n run ‘n skate
  • Orienteering ‘n swim