A fun race where everybody can take part

If you can walk/run 10 and bike 20 km, you can get through the Fighter Course

The route has been laid in order for it to be a different, entertaining and exciting race in the area around Silkeborg. Fighter will be a star race based on Papirfabrikken. During the hours your team moves through the different disciplines, tries something new and experiences together, it should also be possible to laugh together. The route is also made for those who want to race quickly, so there is something for everyone again for the Yeti AC 2018


4-8 hours
The race starts at 12 am.

The winning team is expected to cross to finish line after 4 hours.
Maximum time to use is 8 hours. That is, all teams has to be at the finish line no later than 8 hours after the start.


  • Prologue
  • Rope activities
  • Rafting
  • MTB-O
  • Orienteering
  • Mind puzzle
  • Special task