Master distance – questions and answers

Q: Is there hot water available in the TAs?

A: No, the organizers do not make hot water available.


Q: How about sleep in TAES? Are there tents or shelters where you can get cover?

A. There will be a cover in some of the TAs. This will be specified in the Roadbook.


Q: Is it possible to have plastic boxes for TA’boxe?

A: Yes, plastic boxes are allowed. You will have to bring boxes / bags yourself. Remember, however, that weights including content is 25 kg. per bag


Q: How many TA bags are you allowed to have?

A: 3 bags per team. One for MTB-trekking, one for kayak-canoe and one for inline.
The inline bag has to be carried on Inline on one of the stages. Each bag must not exceed 25 kg.


Q: Is it possible to get a stage overview some days before. We pack all the food from home. Since there is already a lot of logistics around the course.

A: A summary overview is available at check in. Roadbook is also provided even if the entire team is not present.


Q: Rope activities. You are writing: “Ascending devices. 2 pcs setup, eg jumar and Petzl Basic” Do we agree that it is the entire set-up (footloops, slings, etc.) that we are going to bring?

And must the 2 x 120 slings be used in a jumar setup or should there be two seperate sets?

A: Yes, you should bring the entire setup. The slings can be used how you like.


Q: Is maps and roadbook on waterproof paper?

A: Maps will be printed on water and tear-proof paper. Roadbook is printed on normal paper.


Added 06/08/2018

Q: Weight of paddling equipment, does that include paddles? 

A: No, paddles has to be tied together separately, and does not count in the 25 kg.


Q: Red light is mandatory at all time! Does that mean we also has to have it on e.g. trekking?

A: Yes, red light is mandatory during all dark hours.


Q: Is it allowed to bring fins, at mattress or other floating devices on swimming stages? Would you consider to bring it yourself? 

A: Yes, it is allowed to bring extra swimming gear, but you do have to carry it on the entire stage. You receive the maps before you have to hand in the gear bags, so you can decide at that point.


Information email sent to all participants 10/08/2018

Information email

Added 14/08/2018


The use of any kind of GPS equipment is forbidden, other than the unit provided by the organization. This includes watches with build in GPS. So if you need to know the time when racing, bring a watch without GPS.

The use of maps not provided by the organization is forbidden. Starting from the time we hand out the maps.


Red light is mandatory during all dark hours. So you need to bring red light with enough spare batteries for up to 3 nights. Also for trekking stages during night.

White light on bike has to be mounted on bike. According to danish law, helmet mounted light only is not enough.


Be sure that all time mandatory gear is not left behind some where during the race. E.g. in TAs.
E.g. whistle is mandatory during the entire race. It should not be left on the PFD.