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Wednesday 15/8
 19-21 Check in Master
Hand out of Roadbook, GPS, race bib,…
Thursday 16/8
10-14 Check in Master
Hand out of Roadbook, GPS, race bib,…
12-15 Skill and gear check – Master
20 minutes time slot for skill check and 20 min for gear
Teams sign up for times at check in
15.30 Hand in gearbags – Master
16.00 Map hand out – Master
16.15 Bus leaves for start area – Master
Briefing in bus
18.00 Start – Master
Fredag d. 17/8
 entire day Master race is on
Saturday 18/8
7-9 Check in – Challenge
8-11 Check in – Fighter
9.45 Briefing – Challenge
10.00 Start – Challenge
Ca. 10 First Master team arrives at the finish line
11.45 Briefing – Fighter
12.00 Start – Fighter
Ca. 15 First Fighter team arrives at the finish line
Ca. 16 First Challenge team arrives at the finish line
20.00 Finish closes – Fighter
21.00 Finish closes – Challenge
Sunday 19/8
6.00 Finish closes – Master



Adventure racing is essentially an outdoor expedition race.

Participants race in teams of 3 or 4 athletes across a wide range of disciplines, with navigation being a key skill to get ahead of the competition. Traditionally, participants will certainly face major stages of trekking/trailrun, mountainbiking and kayaking. They will also frequently encounter open water swimming, climbing, abseiling, rafting e.g.

One of the major points of Adventure Racing is not knowing what the race consists of, before you start racing. You need to be versatile and prepared for anything.


Yeti is the name of the mythical “Abominable Snowman” who allegedly inhabits the Himalayas and singlehandedly survives the brutal outdoors – barefooted!

It is also the name of the world’s lightest down jackets, sleeping bags and matresses. Conviniently located in Silkeborg, Denmark, YETI is the perfect partner for hosting an Adventure Race here.


YACS is the abbreviation for the Yeti Adventure Challenge Silkeborg.

Since 2005, Silkeborg Orienteering Club has hosted one of Denmarks most popular Adventure Races. In 2015, the Club teamed up with Yeti and some professional event organisers to raise awareness and make adventure race much more exposed to the public.

In a joint effort, a group of enthusiastic organisers, has turned the race into Denmarks undisputed flagship race, attracting thousands of spectators to a sport that traditionally struggles with attention. Previous participants count the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark alongside Team Seagate, with Nathan Fa’avae now officially being a race ambassador and course consultant.


ARES is the European Series of Adventure Racing, allowing Europes best teams to compete across countries, terrains and home advantages to determine the No 1 Adventure Racers of Europe.

YACS will be the first ever Danish race to join the European Series.


You must bring a mountainbike, a helmet and a compass. And whatever you need to wear, eat and drink for the duration of the race.

For security reasons, each team must also bring a first aid kit and a mobile phone.

A complete equipment list will be sent to the participants in advance and may additionally include some race specific gear. But as a general rule, everything needed for special events will be provided by the organisers


Silkeborg is the outdoor capital of Denmark, situated spot in the middle of the mainland, with River Gudenaa running straight through the city and the heavily forested surroundings. It is the countries primary destination for mountainbiking, trailrunning, kayaking and hiking, but still a “real city” with a pleathora of cultural institutions, gourmet restaurants, excellent shopping and family friendly attractions.


Teams traveling to Denmark by airplane should choose Billund (BLL) airport. There will be transport from the airport tuesday 14. august at 3 pm and 15. august at 3 pm.


The EuroSeries Top3 teams can look forward to share a 10.000 euro Cash pot.

Apart from the cash prizes, products worth a total of more than 30.000 euros are presented to the top 3 in all categories.


The area around Silkeborg is characterized by dense forrest, lots and lots of lakes and a very hilly terrain. There are no mountains, but you will face steep climbs and decents none the less. And the constant up-and-down terrain will make sure you never enter a steady pace. You’re welcomeJ

The participants on the EuroSeries course will also be racing some very different parts of Denmark, with much different terrain, ranging from sandy coastal zones to dry endless heaths.



The EuroSeries (40h+) course can be entered for a team fee of 995 euros. Just 895 Euros before June 15th!

The Challenge (8h+) course is 240 euros for a 3 person team. Just 200 Euros before June 15th!

The Fighter (4h+) course is 200 euros pr team. Just 160 Euros before June 15th!


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